Are my employee-contributed HSA funds available for use January 1st?

No.  The only thing that is fully available on January 1st are healthcare FSA and limited purpose FSA elections. 

HSA and DC-FSA funds are only available as the money is deducted from an employee's paycheck and added to their account. For instance, I elected to add $50 to my L-FSA and that full $50 was available to me to use on January 1st.  I also chose to put $2,880 in my HSA.  This means that $120 is deducted from my 24 paychecks this year ($120 x 24 = $2,880.)  On January 1st, the State put $500 seed money in my HSA and on my January 15th paycheck, $120 was added.  So I now have $620 available to use in my HSA.




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