HSA Debit Card



Q:  When you have an HSA account in the current year and then you enroll in an HSA during the next enrollment period for the following year, are you issued a new debit card?


Example:  You currently have a 2017 HSA account.  During Annual Enrollment you enroll for a 2018 HSA account.  Are you issued a new debit card?


A:  No. Debit cards are maintained from year to year. Members will not receive a new one.  If they are state or higher education employees with only an HSA in 2017 and they want to add an L-FSA for 2018, that “purse” will simply be added to their current debit card. 


Participants can always order an extra card when they log into their PayFlex account.


Note – after the first few cards, they will have to pay for extras.



















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