Creating a Benefit eForm for Annual Enrollment

This procedure allows the Agency Benefits Coordinator (ABC) to use eForms to enroll employees during Annual Enrollment.


To begin the process to create a Benefit eForm:


1.       Locate the Benefits Module on the Edison Home page. 

2.       Click on Benefits Workcenter link.

3.       Click on Non-Payroll Benefit eForm link.

4.       Click on Create a Benefit Enrollment eForm link.

5.       Enter the Employee ID number.

6.       Add Dependents.

7.       Select Coverage.

8.       Upload Documents. (a separate attachment is required for each document)

9.       Submit the Benefit eForm.


Note: The form will be in a pending status and has to go through an approval process if dependent verification is submitted. If no dependent verification is submitted, the form will go into a complete status.


Note: Please do not create multiple forms for the same employee. If you notice that you have made an error on a form you have two options to correct it.  You can either update the form or submit a Zendesk ticket for BA assistance.

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