How do I submit a document using Zendesk?

  • Navigate to our Help Center, located at:
  • Log into Zendesk using your email address and password.
  • Click on “Submit a Request.”
  • Click the dropdown box.
  • To submit an active employee document, click “Document Uploads for Active Employees.”
  • To submit a retirement document, click “Document Uploads for Retirement.”
  • Complete Form.

Note: You must complete all the fields with an * before submitting the request. Please include the employee ID and SSN, effective date of coverage/change, the type of document, and entity. The subject field is also a required field. It is important that you do not enter an employee’s name or any other PHI in that field.

  • Attach the document(s).
  • Click “Submit.”

Note: Once you have attached the documents and clicked on “Submit,” it will show the status of the request as submitted and open on your dashboard.

Note: You will receive an email notification that we have received your request. If the documentation is complete, an analyst will key the request in Edison. If it is incomplete, they will send it back to you to supply the missing information. You will receive notification when your request has been resolved. Please take a moment to complete the satisfaction survey.

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