What do the terms “Disabled” and “Disability” mean? How are they defined?

“Disabled” or “Disability” means that, due to sickness, or as a direct result of accidental injury, you cannot perform the duties of your Own Occupation for any employer in your Local Economy during the Elimination Period and the next 24 months or 36 months (depending on the LTD plan you choose) or cannot earn 80% or more of your Pre-Disability Earnings.

At the end of the Own Occupation period, you will be considered “Disabled” if you cannot perform the duties of Any Occupation for which you are reasonably qualified; taking into account your training, education and experience; for any employer in your local economy, or cannot earn 60% or more of Your Pre-Disability Earnings.

You will need to receive Appropriate Care and Treatment from a doctor and comply with this treatment.

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