Are there any exclusions to my Disability Insurance coverage?

Yes. Short Term and Long Term Disability insurance typically does not cover any disability caused or contributed to by any of the following means:

• Acts of War, Insurrections, Riots, Rebellion(s) or Terrorist acts.
• Intentionally self-inflicted injuries or attempted suicides.
• Commission of or attempt to commit a felony.
• Disability(ies) caused or contributed to by elective treatments or procedures include items such as Cosmetic Surgery(ies), Liposuction, or Visual correction surgery.

Also, no payment will be made for a disability caused or contributed to by any injury or sickness for which you are entitled to benefits under Workers’ Compensation or a similar law.

For a full list of exclusions, please read your Certificate of Insurance. Follow the link on the right side of web page to view the certificate.

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