Annual Enrollment – Don’t Procrastinate!

Annual Enrollment – Don’t Procrastinate!


Great reasons to start early are:

1.      You will not be under the pressure of a short deadline to make a decision, or collect answers to questions

2.      You will have peace of mind that it is done and not have to wonder if you completed everything “on-time.”

3.      You have time to:

  • Make sure your doctors/hospitals are IN-NETWORK with the carrier (s) you have selected or want to change to
  • Locate appropriate verification documents for your dependents.
  • RESET YOUR PASSWORD - Password resets can be done before Annual Enrollment and the password is good for 90 days. Resetting your password early will eliminate the need to call or submit a ticket to BA for a password reset at the last minute, and possibly miss the enrollment deadline. (see the Graphs 1-3 at the bottom of this article)

4.      You will not have to wait on hold for as long if you call our Service Center in September or early in October.

  • Average wait times last year (2016) increased from less than one minute during other months of the year to an average of three to four minutes during October. You can expect to be on hold at least four times longer than usual (See Graph 1)
  • The very last few days of Annual Enrollment, average hold times increase even more to an average of five or six minutes (See Graph 2)

5.      You may not have your issues resolved as soon as you would expect, if you wait until the last minute. The number of Zendesk requests (or “tickets”) submitted to the Service Center increases dramatically during Annual Enrollment.

  • Close to 17 thousand tickets in October 2016 (see Graph 3)


***Remember it is not too early to start working on your 2018 Benefits Enrollment. The Benefits Administration Service Center is here to help you. Contact us today! ***


Graph # 1



Graph # 2


         = Last Day of an Annual enrollment period


Graph # 3




Note* Topics such as: Annual Enrollment, Enrollment, and Password Resets accounted for 8,879 tickets (55%) of 16,048 total tickets during the month of October 2016



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