View a Hire eForm

1.                   Go to Benefits Workcenter

2.                   Click on the Non-Payroll Hire eForm located under Hire eForm.

3.                   Click on View a Hire eForm.

4.                   Enter either the eForm ID or the Empl ID and click on search.

5.                   Note if the form was created prior to the date listed in the Originated Date Form box, please clear out this date, enter the eForm ID or the Empl ID, and then click search.

6.                   View Step 1 and then click next.

7.                   View Step 2 and then click next. (View Hire Job Data) Note same as Step 3.

8.                   View Step 3 and then click next. (View Transfer Data) Note same as Step 2.

9.                   View Step 4 and then select close when finished.

10.               Bottom of Step 4 you will see if the form is approved or pending. In the Transaction / Signature Log you can see the date the form was created, who created the form, when the form was authorized, who authorized the form, when the form was executed, and who executed it.


Note: If the form is in a pending status or error status, please contact the service center for assistance.



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