New Hires after 9/1/2017 who also wish to elect coverage for 2018

New Hires entered into Edison After 9/1/2017 will need to elect benefits as soon as possible via ESS or ABC can enter benefits via eForms.


Note: All agency should be enrolling new employees via eForms or the employees should be enrolling themselves via ESS.


Note: A step by step guide for eForms can be found on the ABC website.


Ø  Once the New Hire event has been processed it will close and that will trigger the AE event to open.

Ø  The employee will then be able to elect Annual Enrollment Benefits through ESS or the ABC will be able to enter 2018 benefits through the Benefit e-Form the following day.

Ø  If an employee is hired during the last week of the AE period or after the AE period, submit a paper enrollment form with your newhire eform submission for changes in 2018.

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