Annual Enrollment 2018 Default Plan Message

Employees who are currently enrolled in in the Promise/No Promise Partnership PPOs and Promise/No Promise CDHP plans will receive this message the first time they log in to Edison to review their enrollment. They will be defaulted to the 2018 equivalent plan if no action is taken by the member during the Annual Enrollment period. 


If you are seeing this message and you have not yet submitted your choices this year, then your current Medical plan is no longer available and has been automatically updated. You have been defaulted from the Promise/No Promise Partnership PPOs or the No Promise CDHP plans to the 2018 equivalent plan.

If you have already submitted your choices for the Annual Enrollment Period this year and would like to update and resubmit your selections, you may do so until the end of the transfer period.

If you click OK below, you will need to go through the entire process again and resubmit your choices.

If you do not wish to continue and would like to keep the benefits choices that you have already made or that were defaulted for you please return to the previous page.

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