What happens if I die while I am disabled?

If you were receiving disability benefits under the Long Term Disability plan and been disabled for 180 or more days at the time of death, your beneficiary, designated for the LTD insurance program, will receive a benefit equal to 3 months of your gross disability benefit paid in a lump sum.  If there is no designed beneficiary on file at the time of death, MetLife may determine the beneficiary according to the following order:

    1.  Your spouse, if alive;
    2. Your child(ren), if there is no surviving Spouse;
    3. Your parent(s), if there is no surviving child(ren);
    4. Your sibling(s), if there is no surviving parent(s)
    5. Your estate, if there is no surviving sibling(s)

The State of TN does not offer Long Term Disability Insurance to Higher Education employees. If you are a Higher Education employee, direct questions on LTD to your Agency Benefits Coordinator.   

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