I am interested in Disability Insurance. How do I enroll in coverage?

Enroll in Disability Insurance online in ESS during your initial 31 day eligibility enrollment period.  If you are enrolling (or changing benefit plans) during the next Annual Enrollment Period or within 60 days from a Special Qualifying Event, then complete a paper Enrollment Change Application and follow further instructions provided by your Agency Benefits Coordinator. If you are newly eligible, then no health questions will be asked. If you are enrolling during the Annual Enrollment Period or with a Special Qualifying Event, then health questions will be asked.  If an employee changes within 31 calendar days from an agency of the employer to another agency of the employer where coverage had not been available before,  this is the first opportunity to enroll in STD and/or LTD, so he/she will be treated as a new hire. If the employee is already enrolled in STD and/or LTD, then the employee may transfer the STD and/or LTD coverage.

The State of TN does not offer Long Term Disability Insurance to Higher Education employees. If you are a Higher Education employee, direct questions on LTD to your Agency Benefits Coordinator.   

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