Who is eligible for the HealthSavings CDHP?

Employees who meet eligibility requirements for health insurance benefits as defined in the State Group Health Insurance Plan documents may choose the HealthSavings CDHP option.

However, to qualify for a health savings account (HSA) you must:

  • Be covered under the HealthSavings CDHP
  • Have no other health coverage
  • Not be covered by an FSA or an HRA. This means that if your spouse works elsewhere and even has access to a FSA then you may not enroll in the CDHP option and contribute to an HSA. This is called double-dipping and the IRS has strict rules against this.
  • Not be enrolled in Medicare or other government insurance program
  • Not received benefits from the Veteran’s Administration in the past three months unless the care was received for a service-connected disability (and it must be a disability)
  • Not be claimed as a dependent on someone else's tax return
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