What if my spouse and I both work for the same employer, what are our CDHP enrollment options?

If you want to enroll in the CDHP as a family, one of you will choose family coverage, and the other will waive medical coverage and will be enrolled as a dependent.

Your spouse may also choose to enroll in one of the PPO options or enroll in the CDHP Plan. If your spouse takes a PPO option, and you take the CDHP option, you may use your HSA funds for your spouse’s out of pocket qualified expenses, but your spouse may not cover you under his or her PPO plan if you are enrolled in the CDHP, because IRS rules stipulate that you cannot enroll in the CDHP and contribute to the HSA if you have any other coverage unless the other plan is a qualified high deductible health plan.  Separately, be aware that if either you or your spouse are enrolled in a medical FSA you may not enroll in the CDHP and contribute to a HSA.  You may, however, have a limited purpose FSA for just vision and dental expenses.

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