How do I run a PPACA report to assist my agency in completing the 1094 and 1095 form?

  • Select the Nav Bar icon in Edison.
  • Select the Navigator
  • Select
  • Select
  • Select Review Employee Benefits.
  • Select TN PPACA Tax Report.
  • Select the Add a New Value
  • Enter PPACA in the Run Control ID
  • Select
  • The current year will automatically populate. Click Run.
  • Select the format from the dropdown box (PDF or CSV for Excel).
  • Select

Note: The report does take a little time to run. The larger your agency is, the longer it takes to run. Your report can be found on the home page of Edison under My Reports. Your report will be listed as TN_HCM_4873.

Note: The retirees are listed on the same PPACA report as employees. At least 1 ABC at each agency has been given security access to retiree records. The ABC given security access to retirees must be the ABC running the PPACA report for the retirees to be listed on the report.

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