Voluntary Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance

Does coverage reduce as I age?

Yes, the face amount of coverage reduces when an employee reaches certain ages. The face amount reduces to 65% of the original amount at age 65, to 45% of the original amount at age 70, and to 35% of the original amount at age 75.

May two employees cover the same dependent children?

No, only one employee is allowed to add a child term rider to his/her certificate of coverage.

If I did not enroll when I was first hired, may I enroll later?

Yes, you may enroll with no health questions asked during the fall annual enrollment period. You may enroll in single or family coverage.

How much coverage will I have?

Coverage is based upon the employee’s salary with the maximum amount of coverage being $60,000.

May I take the voluntary ad&d coverage with me if I retire or terminate employment?

No, there is no continuation of coverage available.

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