How much will my premium be for coverage in The Tennessee Plan?

You may apply for the state’s supplemental medical insurance for retirees with Medicarecoverage called The Tennessee Plan if you are enrolled in at least Medicare Part A and receive a monthly Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System (TCRS) pension benefit based on your own service or if you are a Higher Education Optional Retirement Program (ORP) retiree.

The Tennessee Plan monthly premiums are based on years of service for state, higher education, and certified local education retirees.

Local education support staff and local government retirees only receive monthly premium support if their individual agency has passed a resolution to also provide this support based on their years of service.

Covered spouses do not receive any premium support.

Premiums are on our website at

To confirm if you are eligible to receive premium support based on your years of service, you may contact Benefits Administration at 1-800-253-9981 and select option 2 to speak with a retirement representative or submit a request at

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