How do I know if I am eligible to continue insurance as a retiree?

Information regarding the eligibility criteria to continue insurance at retirement is outlined in the Guide to Continuing Insurance at Retirement. You can find the guide on our website at

Click on the tab for your employer group - State and Higher Education, Local Education, or Local Government (whichever entity pertains to the agency you retired from) to review the Guide.

The Guide to Continuing Insurance at Retirement includes information on the eligibility to continue group health insurance, enroll in The Tennessee Plan supplemental medical insurance for retiree with Medicare) as well as the eligibility for enrollment in, retiree dental and retiree vision plans. If you have any questions that are specific to your eligibility for coverage at retirement and/or the process of applying for coverage, you may contact Benefits Administration at 800-253-9981 and select option 2 to speak with a retirement representative.

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