2017 Flex Benefits FAQs

  • PayFlex will begin handling all medical FSA, dependent care FSA, and limited purpose FSA flex benefits with a service date of 1/1/2017 and later, starting on 1/1/2017.


  • Benefits Administration will handle parking & transportation claims with dates of service 1/1/2017 going forward. A series of emails will be sent out to all employees this fall explaining how to file your 2017 parking & transit claims.  These emails will also address other questions employees may have.


  • State employees who wish to enroll in a medical FSA or dependent care FSA must re-enroll for 2017 if they want to continue to participate. Parking & transit FSA does not require re-enrollment.


  • Plan members who enroll in medical FSA or limited purpose FSA will receive a debit card from PayFlex in December to use for paying for their medical and limited purpose FSA funds at pharmacies, physician offices, and other medical facilities such as dental and vision providers.


  • The debit card is a smart card in that it will only allow payment from your FSA funds for those items that are FSA reimbursable and only from medical providers.


  • If you enroll in a CDHP with a health savings account (HSA), you are eligible to contribute funds to a limited purpose (L-FSA). Both accounts will be on your single PayFlex debit card in separate “purses.”   The smart debit card will pull appropriate dental or vision charges from your L-FSA before dipping into your HSA, thereby allowing those funds to continue accumulating.


  • The debit card will not work at child care facilities. Therefore, on dependent care claims you will need to file a paper claim with PayFlex for reimbursement.  You will be able to set up on PayFlex’s State of Tennessee employee website your bank account information so that funds not pay directly via your debit card may be deposited directly into your bank account.  You will also have the option to receive a check.


  • After you receive your debit card, you will be able to go onto PayFlex’s state-specific website and read more about the flexible benefits and print various brochures about either the FSA or HSA benefits PayFlex will manage in 2017.


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