Enroll now in your benefits!


Enroll now in your benefits!
Enrollment ends October 14 at 4:30 p.m. Central time.

Enroll in ESS in Edison. All dependent verification documents must be received by the enrollment
deadline. If you do not submit the proper documents, your dependents will not be enrolled.

 Your health insurance options, benefits and costs will change. Go to the ParTNers for Health
to learn more.

 All eligible employees were mailed a 2017 Decision Guide. Click here to review your 2017

Didn’t complete the 2016 Partnership Promise? If you and your spouse were in the Partnership PPO or
the Wellness Healthsavings CDHP and did not complete the 2016 Partnership Promise, you can stay in
your current option. However, you will pay the higher premium in the No Partnership Promise PPO.
Or, if you are in the HealthSavings CDHP, you will be in the No Promise HealthSavings CDHP and the
state will not put funds in your HSA.

 If you do not make a change, these cost changes will take place automatically.
 You can enroll in a different plan, but you must take action.

Health carrier network change: You now have the choice between three provider network options.
Visit the health insurance carrier web page to learn more.

Partnership Promise coaching change: In 2017, only members in disease management (diabetes, heart
failure, coronary artery disease, asthma and COPD) and case management will have to coach. In 2017,
lifestyle management coaching will not be required, but you can voluntarily participate.

 What does this mean? If you enroll in a plan with the Partnership Promise, you won’t be
required to
coach for weight management, cholesterol, stress or other lifestyle management risk factors in
coach for weight management, cholesterol, stress or other lifestyle management risk factors in
ALEX is here! ALEX, your online benefits expert, can help you compare your insurance options based
on your
own situation. ALEX for State and Higher Education Employees

Note: If you do not want to make changes, you will keep your current benefits. This means you will
stay in your current options (PPO or CDHP) with your current netvvork (BiueCross BlueShield Network
S or Cigna LocalPlus).

The Benefits Administration Service Center is open M-F, from 8 a.m. to 4:30p.m. Central time at
800.253.9981. For more information about all of your benefits, go to www.partnersforhealthtn.gov

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