FAQ regarding maximum limits on healthcare FSA and limited purpose FSA’s for 2017

 Audience:   State and Higher Education employees only.  State refers only to employees on Central State payroll and excludes any offline agencies participating in the State Group Insurance program as well as any Local Education and/or Local Government employees.

 Time period:   Calendar year 2018 

The IRS annually sets contribution limits for healthcare flexible spending accounts (FSA) and limited purpose FSAs (for dental and vision expenses only).  The IRS typically releases these contribution limits for the following year in late October or early November.   For 2018 the limits for healthcare FSA and L-FSA are $2,600 and that is the amount that state employees and higher education employees at Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) colleges, schools, and universities and at the University of Tennessee can contribute.   

•         IRS typically announces amounts in late October. We have to make decisions in conjunction with staff at the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) colleges, schools, and universities and with the University of Tennessee and go to print before then as well as start Open Enrollment, so we are usually one year behind the IRS limits.  (Employers can choose to have lower limits.)

Employees who have questions may contact their Agency Benefits Coordinator or PayFlex (the state’s contracted administrator for flexible benefits.)   This does not apply to offline agencies who participate in the state group insurance program or to Local Education or Local Government employees. Your school system, city or county government, or other agency contracts on their own for flexible benefits and is not a part of the state’s flexible benefits program.




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