I’m currently enrolled in Employee Only CDHP coverage and recently got married. Can I add my spouse 11/1 and contribute the maximum amount for a family HSA account for this year?

Yes, you can contribute the full family maximum for the year as long as both you and your spouse have coverage on December 1st. The "full-contribution rule" (also known as the "last-month rule") allows individuals who are eligible on the first day of the last month of their tax-paying year (Dec. 1 for most tax-payers) to be considered eligible for the entire year. Therefore, under these circumstances, you can contribute up to the full yearly maximum for your coverage type (self or family). In this case, an eligible individual is considered enrolled in the same HDHP coverage (i.e., self-only or family coverage) as he or she has previously been on the first day of the last month of the year.   In short, if you have contributed the full amount this year for just yourself you can increase that to the family maximum so long as your spouse has coverage on 12/1.

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