What do I do when I get a "bad request" error in Edison?

Occasionally when directing to Edison from a browser bookmark or favorites link, you may receive the following error:


This appears to be caused by Edison system updates. At this time, the only "fix" for this is to complete the following:

  1. Clear Browser History - click here to find directions for this if you are unclear.
  2. Delete the current bookmark or favorites link you have saved.
  3. Close the browser and all open browser windows.
  4. Reopen the browser and direct to Edison by copy/pasting this link:  https://hub.edison.tn.gov/psp/paprd/EMPLOYEE/EMPL/h/
  5. Save the bookmark/Favorites link again to your desired location.

NOTE: According to Edison, Internet Explorer is the only recommended/supported browser. You are welcome to use others, but keep in mind that if you encounter any issues with Edison, they will instruct you to use IE.

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