How do I terminate an Employee in Edison (Non-Payroll Agency)?

All Agency Benefit Coordinators (ABCs) with the Edison data entry role are able to terminate employees no longer employed with the agency.  The steps below must be followed in order to submit a successful termination request.

The last day of active coverage is the last day of the month for which a premium has been paid.

  • Navigate to the Benefits Work Center.
  • Select Non Payroll Job Data.
  • Enter the Employee’s Edison ID and select the Search
  • The Effective date will be the last day of the month before the insurance terminates. (Ex.  If the     employee paid the premium and the insurance terminates on 9/30/2018, then the effective date to be entered would be 8/31/2018).
  • In the Action field select: TER
  • In the Reason field select: XRS
  • To finalize, scroll to the bottom and select the Submit


Please note:

  1. If you use the reason code of XMC Gross Misconduct, the employee will not be eligible for Cobra.
  2. You are not required to upload any documentation for termination of an employee.

Agencies that fail to report employment terminations are limited to a three (3) month refund from the time of notification to Benefits Administration, unless medical claims have been provided to an ineligible patient.  Amounts of overpaid claims above the agency refund amount will be sent to our Program Integrity unit to be recouped from the member.

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