My spouse and I are both employed and eligible for HSA accounts. Can we have two HSA accounts in the same household?

Yes, as long as the HSAs belong to two different people and they are on different insurance policies.  Additionally, they do not have to be with the same employer, but they can be.

  • There can only be one HSA per health insurance plan.   
  • To have separate HSAs, one spouse must have insurance coverage just on himself/herself and the other person must have coverage just on himself/herself and the family.  


Husband works for company X and Wife works for company Y.  They each are enrolled in their own CDHPs and they each have their own HSA. Similarly, one spouse can work for the State and the other person can work for Higher Education.  If each are enrolled in separate plans and each have the CDHP, then they can each have an HSA.  

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