I am considering quitting my job, but I have already been reimbursed for my full annual pledge in my medical flexible spending account (medical FSA). Do I have to pay that money back?

If you quit your job mid-year and have been reimbursed more than your contributions for the year, you do not have to repay the difference.  (Example:  Your Annual Pledge is $1,800, YTD contribution is $1,200, Total Reimbursement is $1,400 – you do not have to repay the extra $400). 

What if I then begin a new job with another participating state, LEA, Higher Ed or Local Government Agency?

 You have three options:

  • Enroll in a FSA with a new annual pledge of $200 (balance between YTD reimbursements of $1,400 and original YTD contribution of $1,200)
  • Wait and enroll in a FSA during Annual Enrollment for the following year
  • Both (1) and (2) above
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