How do you register your PayFlex FSA online?

If you have not set up your online account/profile with PayFlex to view your FSA balances and account activities, follow these directions to set up your online access:

1. Go to

2. Click on Create Your Profile.

3. Verify your identity by entering your:
• Last name
• Mailing address
• ZIP code
• Last four characters of your ID number – You’ll need to enter this to help verify your identity. This may be your Social Security number, Employee ID or employer designated number.
• Last 8 digits of your PayFlex Card number - If your account includes a PayFlex Card, be sure to have it nearby. You’ll need to enter the last 8 digits of your card number.

4. Enter your email address and phone number. We may use this information to update you on important account activity.

5. Request a verification code to be sent by email or text. This how we verify your account. And it helps us remember your device and browser for the next time you login.

6. After you verify your account, you’ll create your profile. We’ll ask you to:
• Create a username and password
• Set up security questions and answers
• Review/accept the Online Services Agreement

7. Then we’ll take you to your account dashboard.

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