What happens to my flexible spending account(s) (FSA) in the case of termination or change in employment?

You may want to accelerate your expenses to use up your account balance before termination. Once terminated, no expenses incurred after your last date of employment can be reimbursed.

Flexible benefits participation continues for job transfers within state government.

Breaks and leaves of absence can cause you to be treated as a terminated employee.

Your FSA coverage terminates on the day your employment ends. You will then have up to 90 days to file claims that were incurred from the beginning of the plan year to your termination date.  After 90 days, your funds are forfeited.  This applies to your medical FSA, limited purpose FSA or dependent care FSA.  You may also be eligible to elect COBRA coverage for your FSA or L-FSA (COBRA is not available for the dependent care FSA).

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