How do I add my new spouse/family to the State Group Health Insurance coverage due to a recent marriage?

An application to add a new spouse/family to State Group Health Insurance coverage must be submitted to Benefits Administration within 60 days of the marriage date.

To add a new spouse/family, you will need to fill out an Enrollment Change Application:

To add a new spouse and/or family member, you are required to submit a copy of your marriage certificate and birth certificates for any children dependents along with the Enrollment Change Application to your agency benefits coordinator (ABC).

Employee plus spouse or family coverage may start on the date of marriage or the first day of the following month.

Your agency benefits coordinator (HR office) will review the documents, sign the Enrollment Change Application and submit them to Benefits Administration for final approval and to enroll you in the insurance coverage you selected. 

NOTE: The State Group Health Insurance plan does not prorate premiums. Due to marriage, if the effective date is a date other than the first of the month, the employee will be required to pay the entire month’s premium. 

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