How do I change my PayFlex password?

Go to:  

Click Sign In button

Enter Username and Password

This will bring you to your Dashboard, which shows your account [ex: Health Savings Account]. Click Account Settings in upper right-hand corner.

Under My Profile, locate the Password line, and click the Edit link.

Enter your Current password, New password, and then Confirm your New password, and click the Update button.

NOTE:  If you forgot your Username or Password, click the “Forgot your username or password?” link.

Enter your email address and username associated with your online account, and click Submit.

Select “Send a verification code to the email address associated with my online account.”

When you receive the verification code, select “I received my verification code. I’m ready to reset my password.” And click Submit.

Enter your verification code, and then follow the instructions above to enter a new Password.


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