Previously saved Edison Favorites, bookmarks, short cuts may cause errors

Earlier this year, Edison underwent an upgrade to the Identity and Access Manager system which controls the login process to Edison. Functionality with Edison and the login process was not changed in any way. However, we have noticed that many users are attempting to log into Edison using a saved favorite, shortcut or bookmarked link that is no longer valid, causing them to receive a 'Technical Error' type message.

We suggest you do not use any saved favorite, shortcut, or bookmarked link that directed you to the Edison login page. In order for users to be re-directed to the correct link to log into Edison, follow these steps:


  1. Close all Internet browser tabs.
  2. Double click the Internet Explorer, Chrome, or FireFox icon on your Desktop.
  3. Navigate to
  4. Click on the Government tab toward the middle of the page.
  5. Click the Edison link under State Employees.
  6. Click the Employee Portal Login link and attempt to sign in.
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