How long does it take to link my bank account for FSA reimbursements with PayFlex?

First, to link your bank account, you must put your banking information into the PayFlex system. You will access the PayFlex system (portal) for the State of Tennessee at 

Follow the instructions to create your profile (if you have not already done so). 

Click on your account at the top of the page (HSA, FSA, Limited purpose FSA)  Then under account actions, click on “Link a bank account,” and follow the prompts. PayFlex then does a micro-deposit into your bank account (less than $1.00). This is to verify PayFlex has the right banking information. 

You must verify the amount PayFlex deposited into your account by checking your account, noting the deposit amount, and then logging back into the PayFlex portal and verifying the amount. 

Once that verification is done, the account is linked. PayFlex will then subtract the micro-deposit from your bank account.

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