Am I required to enroll in the Short Term and Long Term Disability plan?

No. However, if you think that enrolling in the STD and LTD plan may be an option you will consider later, be aware of the following.

If you do not enroll during your initial 31 day eligibility enrollment period, you cannot enroll until the Annual Enrollment Period, except in cases of a Special Qualifying Event. During the Annual Enrollment Period, or when you experience a Special Qualifying Event, you will have to provide evidence of insurability by answering certain health related questions and providing other information, if required. Coverage is not guaranteed.

Here are two examples that will show you how your initial 31 day eligibility enrollment period will differ from future Annual Enrollment Periods:

Example 1: Employee is currently pregnant and chooses both Short and Long Term Disability Insurance during her initial 31 day eligibility enrollment period. She can enroll in both Short and Long Term Disability insurance. When her baby is born, she is eligible for Short Term Disability benefits, and, potentially Long Term Disability benefits should any complications arise, if she was Actively at Work on the date her insurance became effective.

Example 2: Employee waived coverage during her initial 31 day eligibility enrollment period. She now wants to enroll during a future Annual Enrollment Period and is pregnant during the Annual Enrollment Period. She would need to submit an application to the disability carrier to be reviewed for medical Evidence of Insurability (EOI). A question on the Evidence Of Insurability form is ‘Are you now pregnant?’ Since she would answer ‘yes’ to this question, she would not be allowed to enroll for either the Short Term or Long Term Disability coverage.

Please note that  Long Term Disability Insurance (LTD) FAQs are for State employees only. The State of TN does not offer Long Term Disability Insurance to Higher Education employees. If you are a Higher Education employee, direct questions on LTD to your Agency Benefits Coordinator.

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