Are there any income sources I might receive while I am disabled which will reduce my Long Term Disability benefit?

Yes. The following income sources will reduce your Disability benefit:

  • Any disability or retirement benefits which you, your Spouse or child(ren) receive or are eligible to receive because of your disability or retirement under the Federal Social Security Act, Railroad Retirement Act, any state or public employee retirement or disability plan; or any pension or disability plan of any other nation or political subdivision
  • Any income received for disability or retirement under the Policyholder’s Retirement Plan, to the extent that it can be attributed to the Policyholder’s (the State’s) contributions
  • Any income received for disability under another Group Insurance Policy (for example, if you are a member of TSEA and have a group disability policy so are covered under both Disability plans)
  • Any sick pay, vacation pay or other salary continuation that the Policyholder (the State) pays to you
  • Workers' compensation or a similar law which provides periodic benefits
  • Any income that you receive from working while Disabled to the extent that such income reduces the amount of Your Monthly Benefit
  • Other income in the form of a Single Sum Payment

The above list is not all inclusive. Please read the Long Term Disability Certificate of Insurance for the full legal details. Click here to view the Certificate.

Please note that Long Term Disability Insurance (LTD) FAQs are for State employees only. The State of TN does not offer Long Term Disability Insurance to Higher Education employees. If you are a Higher Education employee, direct questions on LTD to your Agency Benefits Coordinator.

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