Where can I find information about COVID-19 (coronavirus)

With news of coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading in the U.S., we are committed to providing the most accurate, up-to-date information possible.

To stay informed on the status of COVID-19 in Tennessee, the following resources are available to you:

  • For a comprehensive list of statewide resources, please visit: https://www.tn.gov/governor/covid-19.html
  • The Department of Health continues to be a primary resource for up-to-date information for the status of COVID-19 in Tennessee. Click here to visit the TDH website.
  • Review the COVID-19 symptoms found on the CDC website by clicking here.

Important details for our State health insurance  members about benefits and coverage, telehealth (virtual medical services), pharmacy benefits and more are continuously updated and available online by clicking the Coronavirus Public Information button found on our homepage at http://www.tn.gov/PartnersforHealth.

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